Apogee One USB Audio Interface For Mac

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Apogee One USB Audio Interface For Mac

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I think it is safe to say that Apogee have actually thought about the musician when designing this interface. It is not trying to look like some piece of studio gear that should live in a rack and stay in the background doing its job. After all, if you are recording and playing the instrument at the same time, you want easy access to your interface to save you time and allow the creative juices to flow. So, One has 
been built with the guitarist and singer in mind with an included mounting bracket that seats the interface atop of any microphone stand, allowing it
to be placed exactly where you need it. And there is another reason for this beautiful design feature. That reason is the fact that One comes with an inbuilt omnidirectional microphone that offers exceptional audio capture for the size of its capsule. You can literally use One by itself without any other leads or microphones to capture you vocals or instruments’ sound with ease.


Obviously, there are times when you might want to record both guitar and vocals at the same time. With a breakout cable that includes an XLR input for a microphone and a 6.5mm input for guitar, you are able to do just that with One. More than the name suggests, you actually get two simultaneous inputs with One. This can be a combination of the two external inputs and the built in microphone, depending on your needs.


Monitoring is supplied by a 3.5mm output jack at the base of the unit, which can be used for either headphones or powered monitors. The playback quality is exceptional, so don’t be put off by the compact connection, it is all about the DA converters inside the One that makes it sound so good. This goes for the inputs as
well. With a crisp and clear microphone preamp, backed with Apogee’s AD converters, you will hear every subtle nuance that your voice or instrument impart within the recording. The One just about has it all for a solo recording artist to make great music, except for PC support. Mac owners will love it. 


For more details on the range of Apogee products, head to sounddistribution.com.au.