Sennheiser HD 25 Series Professional DJ & Studio Headphones

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Sennheiser HD 25 Series Professional DJ & Studio Headphones

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This is the base model in the range and will be the most accessible for interested users. These headphones are extremely lightweight, so much so that you actually feel the weight of the cable hanging more than you
 do the weight of the headset itself. How Sennheiser manage to produce a pair of drivers and house them with so little weight still remains a mystery, but it does not affect performance in any way, that much is certain. Designed for DJ use in high noise environments, the compact, closed design is enough to cover the ears, but not add unwanted bulk.

HD 25

Now, these are the real deal. 
For those of you looking for the ultimate monitoring experience, it is easy to see why so many of the world’s top DJs turn to the HD 25 headphones. These are the next level in monitoring and go that extra step further from where the HD 25 LIGHT models leave you. Still incredibly lightweight, they do weigh slightly more, due to the headband mechanism that isn’t quite as simple and allows for far more adjustment. You no longer get the fully rotating ear pads, but instead have the ability to swing each ear pad back away from your ear instead. This still holds the headphones firmly in place whilst only monitoring from one ear. The headband itself is well padded and can be split in two and separated to find a better, more stable fit on any head.


Perhaps the lesser known of the three models in the range, the HD 25 PLUS essentially gives users a slightly different way of working to the standard HD 25. This might well be aimed at the DJ who is going to put these cans to their limits. The headphones are exactly the same as the standard HD 25, but you get some very clever additions in the package. To start with, a carry pouch is included along with a spare pair of ear pads. This is ideal for DJs who operate in hot clubs, where sweat and spilt drinks can cause all sorts of damage to your ear pads over time. Further to this, two cables are included in the package. A short 1.5m straight cable comes as a spare, whilst the headphones come fitted with a curly cable to ensure it doesn’t get in your way in the DJ booth. Great!


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