Mixdown’s Picks: Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro Headphones

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Mixdown’s Picks: Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro Headphones

Today, we kick off proceedings with one of the staples of the modern recording climate and in many ways, a product group that has a much bigger influence on production quality than most probably realise – the humble studio headphone.


Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Closed Premium Headphones

Distributed by: Syntec | Expect to pay: $899


Key Features: A truly professional headphone (manufactured by one of the most revered names in the industry), Beyerdynamic’s DT 1770 Pro are as legitimate as studio headphones get, capable of the absolute highest levels of performance and boasting the kind of pristine sonic clarity capable of turning  ‘weekend hobbyist’ into ‘obsessed audiophile’ after only a couple of playbacks.


Featuring Beyerdynamic’s patented Tesla Dynamic driver technology and boasting an outrageous 5hz-40000hz frequency range (for context the human ear taps out at about 20hz-20000hz), the DT 1770 Pro is capable of producing frequencies way beyond the 46th harmonic, reproducing program material with pinpoint accuracy and providing a level of detail seldom encountered in the world of over ear monitoring. This means better tonal and mix decisions at the producers chair, which in turn goes a long way to improving overall production quality. The incredibly broad and detailed soundstage found on the DT 1770 Pro also make them an incredibly handy tool for pan editing and working in the stereo field.


Mixdown Says: Rated at 250ohms and with headroom to burn, the powerfully clean DT-1770 Pro’s are a precision reference headphone at their core, but still provide enough raw output to tackle even the most challenging of monitoring and performance environments. With their rock-solid isolation and elite mid-range detail, they make for an incredibly adept studio all-rounder and one that is sure to provide plenty of upside to both professional studios and the budding bedroom producer.


With Beyerdynamic’s uncompromising build quality (designed to endure the rigors of the working audio professional) and with the comfy inclusion of leather and velour earpads, the DT 1770’s come equipped for hours of continual use, both in the studio an on the road. In a modern recording climate obsessed with portability and convenience, Beyerdynamic’s DT 1770 Pro serve as a logical for anybody wanting to take their headphone-based productions to the next level.


Overall: Affording a level of reproduction seldom encountered in the broader headphone market, the Beyerdynamic DT 1770’s are a perfect choice for anybody looking to get serious about their monitoring situation, all the while maintaining the kind of portability and freedom afforded by the modern DAW workflow. Simply put, one of the best over ear monitoring solutions going at the moment.


Find out more about the DT 1770 Pro headphones and other Beyerdynamic products via Syntec