Two Notes Torpedo Reload

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Two Notes Torpedo Reload



One of the main functions of the Reload is that it operates 
as a load box and attenuator. Most of you who have thought about running an attenuator with your guitar rig will know that there are not a lot of worthwhile options available for this task, so it is great to see a well thought out build that accomplishes what guitarists need for this purpose. With a matched load impedance to suit just about any amplifier, you
 can pull back the volume to the speakers right down to total silence if you wish, and there are no noticeable negatives when it comes to your amp’s tone. Of course, when you get to very low volumes, the higher frequencies do suffer a little, but that is the nature of the speakers themselves and not a result of the Reload affecting the signal.



Being able to re-amp your rig is one of the great advantages of modern digital recording in that it allows you to easily record your guitar and then feed it back into an amp at a later stage to get your tone just right. This has always been a tricky task to get the signal impedance right. Without the right tools you end up sending a signal back into your amp that in no way reflects the impedance of your original guitar, and so culminates in poor results at the amp. The Reload ensures this is a thing of the past, as it analyses your guitar level as it is recorded, Therefore it can send the same impedance signal back out to the amplifier, resulting in a signal that sounds exactly the same as if you simply played the guitar again, but affording you the ability to replay your take over and over until you find the amp tone you want to fit in the mix and then record that final sound.


There is a lot to be said for having the right tools when recording guitar amplifiers. It is not enough to think that a microphone preamp with the gain adjusted will work for a guitar input, nor is it the safe to assume that a line output will deliver the right level to your amplifier on the way back. Getting the right tools for the right tone is what Two Notes is all about, and the Torpedo Reload offers guitarists and engineers the chance to find that tone every time. 


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