Reviewed: Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K Portable PA

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Reviewed: Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K Portable PA

As the name suggests (yet still surprising given its unassumingly portable design) the STAGEPAS 1k contains a powerful high-output 1000 W amplifier. The Class-D amplifier module blasts out a mega 119 dB SPL out of its modest sized cabinet, which should be more than enough volume for most applications. The cabinet is the smallest class of any 12 inch subwoofer of this power on the market, designed with portability in mind without compromising bass response. Twisted Flare Port technology reduces port wind noise that compact bass-reflex subwoofers are often prone to, as well as maximising low end output for clean, powerful bass that really does knock.


Higher frequencies are projected through the intelligently designed speaker array via ten 1.5″ speakers. These speakers are arranged in a J-curve configuration deliver 170 degrees of horizontal coverage and 30 degrees of vertical coverage, optimum dispersion for a wide room but avoiding the reflective ceilings. Audiences can enjoy the STAGEPAS 1k from far and wide thanks to the ten speaker array, which throws consistently clear sound over longer distances.


Yamaha lean on their decades of experience in producing digital mixers to integrate an intuitive and space efficient digital mixer into the STAGEPAS 1k. The five channel mixer has two Hi-Z inputs for guitars or other instruments, a mic/line input and a stereo input. A 3.5 mm input and Bluetooth offer additional sources for the stereo channel, perfect for background ceremony music or backing tracks for bands.



Designed for simplicity and ease of use, a one knob EQ selects the frequencies you’d like to depress – cutting the low end for speeches or reducing the high-mids to make room for vocals in a band mix. ‘MODE’ selection toggles between three settings (Speech, Music and Club) to instantly dial in a multiband compressor with optimised settings for each application. Industry standard SPX reverb is available in four different types, each with an adjustable length to add essential atmosphere and character to your music. STAGEPAS Editor is a dedicated application that gives you remote control over levels and EQ to aid with setting up and fine tuning your sound and can also save settings to recall your optimum configurations.


Setting up the STAGEPAS is effortless; simply place the speakers and two spacers into the sub are you’re basicaly done. With pack down just as easy and weighing only 23 kg, the STAGEPAS makes an excellent mobile PA and for the tired arms of the touring musician or bare-bones events teams there’s also an optional dolly. A durable, high-grade polyurea coating protects the system against the various inevitable knocks and testing conditions in the world of live audio events. An included fitted cover further protects the unit and provides ample storage for cables and microphones.


The STAGEPAS can be linked to a second STAGEPAS system for larger venues and can operate with all combined inputs in mono mode or with an inceased sonic spread in stereo mode.


The STAGEPAS 1k ticks a lot of boxes for a compact PA. It sounds great and can fill much larger venues than you’d expect from its modest size. Its mono profile and five inputs wont suit large bands, but for solo performers through to three piece groups it’s an ideal option. The events industry from remote conferences to weddings will also appreciate it as a highly mobile and sonically rich portable PA.