Reviewed: Mackie SRM Flex Portable Column PA System

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Reviewed: Mackie SRM Flex Portable Column PA System

Constructed from a single high-output subwoofer and three six-driver wide-dispersion array speakers that stack onto one another, the SRM Flex boasts the power to blast your audience like never before. The onboard mixer features physical controls so there’s no confusion when adjusting on the fly, and no scrolling through LED menus to locate your needs. What’s more, the SRM Flex is controllable via an app from your smartphone or tablet. The set-up speakers come with a carry bag for easy transportation of the array speakers, and a protective cover for the subwoofer/mixer combo. Setting up is also easy, so you can be ready quickly for the show.


Whether playing small or large gigs, or even just making an exciting announcement at a party between songs, clear sound is important. The Mackie SRM Flex Portable Column PA System offers great sound very easily, that is also tweakable via two channels of three band EQ, and further augmented by three great reverb types and three EQ voices, switchable between Music, Speech, and Live. This offers a simple solution to not only the less tech savvy who need a PA system handy for events, but also satisfies the needs and requirements of the most particular of us. The three six-driver speakers can be stacked onto one another and then mounted into the sub to create a loud, wide and clear PA system. The mixer is installed into the sub and has clear controls for tweaking the microphone inputs, Bluetooth source or auxiliary source.



The mixer itself is listed as a six channel mixer, featuring two mic/line inputs with combo XLR/jack inputs, that have two band EQ (HI & LOW), independent volume and reverb mix knobs that then travel to a master volume and the EQ Voicing option. There’s a Bluetooth/auxiliary channel for playing music or backing tracks, and all this is amplified at up to 1300 watts of power and recommended for audiences of up to 100 people. The mixer can be controlled via an external app, so you can mix your own show from the stage or have a tablet/phone equipped mix engineer in the audience, ensuring that the audience is receiving the best version of you. The SRM Flex also features Mackie’s Power Factor Correction to ensure power and signal remains consistent to the unit. The 10” subwoofer offers the low end, and up to six drivers across the three array speakers handle everything else. If six drivers aren’t needed, two or four can alternatively be used for smaller crowds where such a large range of coverage and power is needed. Clear sound is about headroom, and the power that the Mackie SRM Flex Portable Column PA System provides offers plenty of headroom. What’s more, the SRM Flex features an XLR output for either sending signal direct to a FOH mixer or a second Mackie SRM Flex Portable Column PA System if 1300 watts isn’t enough.


Whether you’re a comedian, musician or party-host, the SRM Flex can handle it all. Music can be played, then dialed back while you make a crystal clear announcement using the Speech EQ voicing, then turned back up via your smartphone after you make some witty remarks, propose a toast and receive a cheer. Musicians performing on less than ideal PA systems in venues can perform confidently on their own gear with clear sound, and from smaller to larger venues the SRM Flex is your go-to, whether daisy chained to a second unit or not. Musicians can also rehearse at home, with enough power for vocals and other amplified instruments to be heard above drums and loud amps. Forget hiring a PA and having to figure it out on the fly, amplify yourself and your music with the Mackie SRM Flex, and do it with confidence yourself.