Mixdown’s Picks: IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

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Mixdown’s Picks: IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

Distributed by: Sound and Music | RRP: $1,799.99

For this special, we’re focusing on the massive range of studio monitors – the heart and soul of any studio set-up – glancing our eyes over everything from entry level creative reference monitors through to high-end solutions for mixing and mastering professionals.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM 

Key Features: Following on from the raging success of iLoud Micro Monitors, the gurus at IK Multimedia have once again brought innovation and performance to the table with a the slightly larger (all be it still very compact) addition to the family, the iLoud MTM High Resolution Studio Monitor.

Purely based on spec, one might think they are the figures of a much larger (not to mention more expensive) studio monitor. With an impressive frequency response of 40Hz – 24kHz (-3 dB when calibrated), this whopping performance is delivered by two 3.5” polypropylene custom made mid-drivers and a 1” back chambered silk dome tweeter. A beefy 100W RMS is provided with 70W for the woofers and 30W for the tweeter.

All this delivers an impressive max SPL of 103dB (200Hz and up sine wave), absolutely plenty of guts for a compact near field! Phase response is also rather impressive, being very linear across the frequency spectrum providing superb detail, imaging, focus and response of source material.

Where things really kick up a gear is the built in room correction DSP. The included ARC calibration mic allows users to automatically calibrate the iLoud MTM’s precisely to the room, delivering consistent response and performance no matter where they are setup. Manual adjustments can also be made to taste with switches for shelf boost and cut for low and high frequencies and a desk switch to take care of anomalies when positioned on a desktop.

Positioning the iLoud MTM’s is made easy and flexible with the included tilting isolation stand, ideal for when positioned on a desktop and needed to be positioned toward the listener’s head. This paired with the wonderfully compact footprint make the iLoud MTM’s ideally suited for those needing a monitor to take on the road and be setup anywhere.

Mixdown Says: A small footprint studio monitor that packs a punch as well as providing pinpoint accuracy and detail is hard to come by, especially in this fiercely competitive part of the market. Packing this much thump and precision into such a humble enclosure is no small feat and the iLoud MTM’s are yet another fine example of what’s achievable in a compact studio monitor when innovation is put at the forefront of its design.

The impressive array of features from the mammoth frequency response, DSP calibration, smooth, linear phase response and compact footprint show a clear understanding of the requirements of the modern day engineer, mixer and producer. Each of these features complement each other to deliver what can only be described as reliable, accurate and consistent. Fair to say that this ticks all the boxes for a studio monitor, not to mention one that can fit into a backpack.

Overall: An all-round great performing compact studio monitor boasting the features, design and performance comparable to much larger, more expensive counterparts, delivering consistent, useable results from a remarkably small footprint. A truly portable monitor with the built in technology to setup and mix confidently, regardless of the environment. Perfect for anyone on the move.

Find out more about the iLoud MTM monitors over at Sound and Music.