Mixdown’s Picks: Dynaudio Core 7

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Mixdown’s Picks: Dynaudio Core 7

For this special, we’re focusing on the massive range of studio monitors – the heart and soul of any studio set-up – glancing our eyes over everything from entry level creative reference monitors through to high-end solutions for mixing and mastering professionals. 


Dynaudio Core 7

Key Features: The Dynaudio Core 7 is the smallest model in Dynaudio’s Core range, made in Denmark and designed to represent an industry standard in monitor technology. The Core 7, the active, two-way, little sibling of the three-way Core 59 and Core 47 models, is by no means an entry-level monitor, offering both AES3 and analogue input, 150 watts and 500 watts of D-class amplification for its high frequency and low frequency drivers respectively, and a max SPL of 113 dB. 


A stripped back successor to Dynaudio’s Air series, where Dynaudio have focused less on the bells (bye bye beloved Nokia-green LCD screen) and more on the whistles (even better sonic/driver performance) Dynaudio claims that the Core series outperform the next model up of their Air equivalent. This means that the Core 7, resembling the Air 6 in size, would outperform the Air 12. It truly is mind-blowing stuff, especially when you consider the price-point.


As a monitor, the Core 7 makes for a perfect workhorse, designed for everyday day use while minimising listening fatigue and playing nice with the broad range of monitoring environments or technical applications thrown its way, whether music, post production or other mixed media applications. Furthermore, the integrated DSP of the Core 7 ensures that these monitors are easy to set up to suit any kind of room, while their relatively compact dimensions and sleek enclosures will prove to add some visual flair to any studio. 


Mixdown Says: It’s no surprise that Dynaudio have worked closely with industry professionals throughout the design of this loudspeaker, and as a result, its performance in the field is up there with the best. The Core 7 provides intricate detail in the midrange frequencies, allowing for professional level sculpting and shaping, and great transparency in sound.


The speed and recoil of the Core 7 is remarkable, exposing the fine details of reverb tails and delay echoes and letting no transients slip by, no matter how quick. Attention to detail on these kind of applications is the mark of a professional quality recording, and with the Core 7, your ears will be graced with all kinds of tiny artefacts, helping you take your craft up to a whole new level. 


Overall: For many, the phrase ‘professional reference monitor’ brings to mind connotations of resistance training or a grand humbling for many a ‘budding mix engineer’. When a company with as strong a reputation as Dynaudio comes out with such a monitor, rest assured you are in good hands, and when you’ve got such a monitor as the Core 7, you’re already on your way to better mixes.


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