DBX 500 Series Modules

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DBX 500 Series Modules


The new 500 Series modules continue that tradition offering legendary dbx processing with modern design. HARMAN’s dbx is introducing its 500 Series processors: five compact yet powerful half-rack-space recording studio signal processors.


The new 500 Series models include the 560A Compressor/Limiter, 530 Parametric EQ, 580 Mic Pre, 520 De-Esser and 510 Sub Harmonic Synth. Speaking on the 500 series, Marketing Manager Jason Kunz says “Our 500 Series processors bring renowned dbx signal processing to a smaller footprint than ever before while delivering the signature sound quality engineers, producers and musicians know they can rely on from dbx.” Also available for use with the 500 series is the dbx PowerRack, a 19” rack-mount power source designed to house up to eight 500-series modules in vertical configuration. These are all impressive units standing alone, and pieced together it’s one hell of a rig. 


For more information, visit www.jands.com.au.