Reviewed: T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

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Reviewed: T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

The Chameleon is designed to be the only pedal power supply you’ll ever need, sporting easily switchable voltages for each of the different power outputs, as well as cabling to plug them all in. The specs list is fairly standard, being a practical size and shape to be hidden beneath a pedalboard to do its job for years and gigs to come.


The Fuel Tank Chameleon is a 6-output power supply with voltages ranging from 9V to 18V for certain pedals, as well as options for AC and DC power and switchable between 115V or 230V for international travel/use. The voltage is switchable, featuring 3 9V-12V DC outputs, one 9V-18V output, a fourth 9V-12V DC output and a 12V AC output. The Chameleon is admittedly pretty heavy, even for a power supply, weighing in at almost a kilogram, despite being a relatively compact 160 x 38 x 80 mm. However, it’ll still fit nicely onto your pedal board, or beneath a PedalTrain or similarly designed board with some crafty cable management and placement. The Chameleon could be your one stop solution to powering your beloved pedals. The weight, however, is something to think about when moving gear often or flying, but once you take the Chameleon out of the box and plug in your beloved tone-shapers, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best options on the market.




Included in the box is the Fuel Tank Chameleon itself, as well as a sturdy mains power cable measuring about a metre. Also included are plenty of cables to connect pedals to the Chameleon, including a red AC cable and a polarity inverter cable for specialist pedals. The additional connectors in the box, as well as the switches on the Fuel Tank Chameleon itself, really begin to show why the pedal is so aptly named. It’s the most versatile pedal power supply T-Rex has ever produced and can handle any array of different requirement for special pedals of different voltages, polarity and just about any other issues that arise. It also does away with the need for isolated or varying power supplies for pedals with irregular power requirements. Hell, get two Chameleons and you’ll never have to worry again.


The T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon could very well be your entire pedalboard power solution in a practical, albeit heavy box. In a growing market of vintage pedals with modern adornments and modern pedals with a vintage twist, the Chameleon can do any job you put it to. Switchable voltage on the six outputs are a godsend, instead of dedicated outputs that serve one purpose. Gone are the days of pedal boards with multiple power supplies as the Chameleon can provide DC power or AC power, as well as including a bunch of cables for different uses, such as switching polarity when needed. Plug it in, tie it down and perform knowing your pedals are being fed proper power from a trustworthy source. The Fuel Tank Chameleon won’t let you down.