Mooer Pedal Controller L6

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Mooer Pedal Controller L6

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Mooer burst onto the market a few years ago with a line of incredibly affordable 
and surprisingly accurate miniaturised clones of some of the most sought after units around. Everything from overdrives to shimmer reverbs to poly-octave generators was covered by the first few bursts of releases from the Chinese manufacturer and since then they’ve done nothing but expand with their ‘Small, Smart, Original’ banner flying high. They recently unveiled the smallest wah in history (seriously, it folds away, it’s tiny!) and the PCL6 sees them venturing away from effects themselves into loop territory.


The majority of the other similar units on the market with the same footprint only seem to have room for four loops max. Mooer however pack in two more with the same level of isolation, compatibility and user friendliness and a few extra features you didn’t even know you wanted thrown in for good measure. Everything you expect is there; smooth, silent switching, a dedicated mute and built in tuner as well as separate tuner out if you’re that fussy. In order to avoid signal loss due to all that cabling, there is a built in buffer, but here’s the kicker, at the push of a button you can choose which end of the chain that buffer acts upon. This is a huge point of difference for anyone using this unit for only a portion of their whole board, as you don’t necessarily need to amplify signal that’s going to get amplified later anyway. Cleanliness as well as compatibility, who could ask for more?


Well more is what you’ll get! Mooer is clearly focused on the way players interact with the PCL6. There are two operational modes, Preset and Live, whose names
are a pretty clear indication of their functionality. The simpler of the two options is the Live setting, which uses each switch to activate its respective pedal in series. The Preset option opens up 6 banks of 6 user presets, which you can save and resave to your hearts content, meaning that you have almost infinite combinations of tones at the flick of a switch. The 
simple LED screen makes child’s play of navigating the memory and each switch has a translucent window above it that you can use to scrawl your own labels to jog your memory in the shadows of the stage.


I’ll be honest; I don’t know how they do it and remain amongst such limited company. Mooer’s whole range is crazy cheap without the flimsy, disposable quality that usually comes with the low price tag and they are genuinely making some amazing sounding pedals. The PCL6 is the perfect way to wrangle all of the options you deem necessary into a simple flowing version of the frantic tap dance you once relied on. 


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