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Part of the genius behind a mixer like this is that as a new model is developed, the hardware need not change. A firmware update is all that is needed to bring your existing TouchMix up to speed. This is great news for existing TouchMix users, and an added benefit to consider if you’re thinking about investing in one for yourself. At the time, I got to check out version 2.1 as it came loaded onto the unit I had for trial. Now version 3.0 of the firmware is available for download from the QSC site, so there is already more on offer. What this ultimately means is that you can futureproof your digital mixer in a sense by upgrading it as new firmware releases become available. Your TouchMix can grow into a more powerful unit as new features are added, all working with your one hardware investment. It’s not bad at all.


Before jumping even further into the future, remember that version 2.1 is now loaded onto units currently available and may be just what many of you are looking for in a flexible compact mixer. There have been a number of improvements with this update, driven by customer feedback, to not only iron out the bugs in the older release, but to add new features too. One big point of note is that the TouchMix now supports Android devices, so nobody will be left in the dark, no matter what device you want to use for remote control. In addition to this, certain stability issues have been addressed.


One update that I think is very handy is the addition of several new languages to the TouchMix’s information and demo system, allowing Mandarin, French, German and Russian language options for a more universally usable mixer around the globe. This is perfect for multicultural applications where the mixer may be used by a range of people with different language skills. In all, what was a very good console has been tested and treated to ensure it is even more workable. The future looks good for the TouchMix 8 and the other members of the TouchMix family, with plenty more updates on their way.