Reviewed: Denon DJ X1800 Prime Mixer

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Reviewed: Denon DJ X1800 Prime Mixer

The mixer is ideally designed to work in unison with the DJ SC5000 – so even after spending a bit of time playing around with the additions, the DJ X1800 had me going down a rabbit hole of new options and cool tricks once I’d linked the two.


The separation of filter and FX sweeps add extra depth when used in combination and is a nice touch. The FX module also has some innovative features, the most important one being the touch strip to manipulate the effects. In the BPM FX section there’s digital menus to dive into where you can toggle not just the FX but built in parameters like the colour coding of the cue buttons, brightness, headphone level output etc.




I was impressed by the killer amount of inputs/outputs this unit has. May you never be short of an input ever again. This should ensure plenty of setup options and hassle free transitions between DJ’s with various types of hardware. Ideally – this will also allow the default in-house setup to remain intact without some goon deciding they absolutely must unplug and reroute everything. (There’s always one). While we’re at it – The X1800 also has double USB inputs to connect two laptops at the same time making DJ changeovers easier. The X1800 is also Serato DJ Pro certified and will work with your Serato DVS setup.


Although there are two MIC inputs on the console, there is only one XLR input (on the top) and 1/4” input (on the back). There’s no AUX input here which seems a little strange, but hey – it’s giving us so much already and you’d be hard pressed to truly find yourself running out of other input options.


There’s plenty more to the X1800 and I’m only skimming the surface of some of the main features. Well worth a look at in any professional setup for its durably and flexibility alone, this is forward thinking and should stand the test of time for the foreseeable future.