Allen & Heath Qu-SB Compact Digital Mixer

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Allen & Heath Qu-SB Compact Digital Mixer

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With iOS remote control very much an ‘in demand’ function in modern live mixing, the team at Allen & Heath haven’t just thrown together a “me too” option to fill the marketplace, but have instead gone above and beyond many others to create a very serious mixing solution for performers and engineers alike. The Qu-SB compact digital mixer is a feature packed unit that delivers the I/O needed for live performance, with studio control over preamps, effects and pre-sets.



This cleverly built unit will work a treat on a desktop within a mixing booth, or even on the floor, side of stage, where the stage box would often be found. It is very well constructed and offers more I/O options than any other device I have come across for its size. With 16 microphone inputs, it is going to take care of most live setups, although it can be linked via a dSnake connection to another device to expand the system to 32 microphone or line inputs. The same goes for outputs, with a good selection on offer. Ten mix outputs and a master stereo output are supplied on the device, allowing for front of house and plenty of monitoring options to be catered for. Now everyone on stage can have their own monitor mix. Plus, it acts as a USB interface to a computer for live recording of your performances too.



I don’t like to refer to the software as an ‘app’ in this instance, as that tends to leave people thinking it’s a simple platform. One thing’s for certain, this is not a simple mixing app. It is a fully fledged mixing solution and gives you total control over all physical inputs, outputs as well as virtual channels within the software. You have four effects engines within the software, offering a wide range of dynamic, EQ and creative effects for your mix. Up to 11 monitor mixes can be created, with six able to be reassigned as three stereo pairs. Also, up to seven separate iPads can be run on stage for different monitor mixes, allowing the performers to adjust their own mix to suit their needs, whilst being locked out from other critical mix functions. Even better, Allen & Heath have teamed up with Sennheiser, Shure and Audio-Technica to create a library of microphone preamp pre-sets ready to suit a wide range of microphones from these three companies. Simply select the microphone you are using, apply the intended purpose and the software sets up the EQ just right to meet the criteria. Now, you can not only save your room on EQ settings and patches for mix setups, but easily adjust the microphone settings to instantly fit your rig.


The Qu-SB pretty much takes the guesswork out of the equation for those who may not have the engineering skills of others. Digital mixing is now very much an option for every musician, on any stage.


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