Sennheiser E845 Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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Sennheiser E845 Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone



There are thousands of dynamic microphones available in today’s market, many for vocal applications. Sennheiser is one company that never fails when put to the test, and produces microphones specific to their user’s needs. What you get in any of the Evolution series’ models is a dynamic microphone that offers more than most of its competitors. The E845 enjoys an extended high frequency response and a smooth lower mid-range that doesn’t leave this microphone sounding like a dull, muffled mess. It doesn’t need to be swallowed to get volume out of it and it delivers an articulate reproduction of what you offer it. There is a reason why I personally own several of these microphones as part of my kit. Read on.



Every microphone has its purpose on the stage and the E845 is no different. When you are working with fold back speakers that are placed to the sides, or at 45 degrees to the microphone stand, side rejection is the key in getting a great sound. You don’t want your vocal microphone resulting in feedback due to an overly wide pickup pattern. So, the super-cardioid pattern of the E845 delivers the goods here. It still sounds just like an E835, but it offers the side rejection needed to work on certain stages. Essentially, this is the microphone that does all the jobs an E835 cannot in a live vocal setup, and owning both allows you to work with any stage in any room without the fear of feedback or the need to EQ your sound drastically to prevent it.


The unit itself is pretty much bullet proof. These microphones are made in Germany and carry a two year warranty, but you would have to put it through some very trying conditions, erring on the side of abuse, in order to get this microphone to fail at all. I’ve owned several for about 8 years now and have not been kind to them, yet they still continue to deliver results, even if they do look a little beaten up. I am not suggesting you mistreat these microphones, but the internal suspension of the capsule allows it to take any rough stuff it is likely to encounter on a stage. This is a microphone that you will not regret purchasing. The only question really is: how many do you need?