Audio-Technica System 10 Portable Wireless Microphone

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Audio-Technica System 10 Portable Wireless Microphone


The receiver

Sturdy, lightweight and ready to mount on either a DSLR or on your person with the optional belt clip, the System 10 receiver is a handy device indeed. The unit itself will not throw out the weight balance on your camera as you operate it, in fact, you hardly even notice it is there once it’s in operation. The high frequency range digital transmission is all set to comply with new Australian transmission laws, so there will be no issues with operating this device either. It’s very easy to set up, with two antenna’s extending up from the housing and a short output cable all that is needed to send your signal into the camera. A headphone output is supplied so you can monitor the audio whilst recording as well, allowing you total control over both the sound and the image at once.


The transmitter

The microphone itself is a little top heavy with the weight of the capsule and electronics all being at one end of the casing. Because the body is extended to accommodate the wireless transmitter, this throws the balance out a little, which I simply put down to there not being any batteries in the device, until I found they were already in there, actually housed further up the handle than I would have expected. Really, that is neither here nor there in the scheme of things. The capsule itself is well supported and protected, as it is going to be operating in the field most likely. It delivers a clear, crisp audio capture that is not lost in the AD/DA conversion along the way. What goes into the analogue circuitry at one end is what comes out at the other end, with nothing lost in transmission. Best of all, it was easy to pair up both the transmitter and the receiver to work together, so no cross-talk is engaged when similar devices are being operated in the same area, making it an ideal option for news reporters and festival recording.