Samson Graphite 49 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

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Samson Graphite 49 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard



Like one would expect, a MIDI controller keyboard is all about giving the user the most flexible approach to controlling their software. The Graphite 49 certainly goes out of its way to offer plenty of options in the relatively small top panel. As well as your standard function buttons and transport controls, you get nine short faders that can be assigned to just about anything. On top of this, there are eight rotary encoders, and sixteen function buttons beneath these. This can allow you to set them up as volume, mute and solo controls for a mixer across eight consecutive channels if you so desire. The options are endless as to how you assign their functions. Moving across to the far right of the unit there are four pressure sensitive drum pads for tapping in rhythms when the keys just won’t give you the right groove.



Of course, this is more than a compact MIDI controller, as it offers 49 full sized, touch sensitive keys that have a good feel to them if you are looking to use this for synthesizer based stuff. Naturally, there’s an octave shift so you can move the key range up and down and the standard pitch and modulation wheels are included on the left side. Both of these are larger than usual, and very easy to gain precise control over. One feature that every MIDI controller should have is found on the top panel of the Graphite 49, and that is a panic button. Although not a designated button in itself, two buttons when pressed together have the same result and force all functions to cease in the event of something going, like a stuck note or unwanted command being initiated. This is a well thought out controller. Bundled with Native Instruments’ Komplete Elements software, there are more than one thousand sounds to get you making noise as soon as you set this device up.