Reviewed: Gigarex PGT-124 Add-On Wireless IEM System

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Reviewed: Gigarex PGT-124 Add-On Wireless IEM System

The Gigarex IEM system sits between you and the monitor engineer, sending the signal back to you with crystal clarity into your headphones, or earbuds of choice. Where musicians have previously relied on beaten-up monitors that have sat in venues for years, it’s now increasingly accessible and feasible to run a band on an in-ear monitoring set-up. Alternatively, the Gigarex system can used to transmit signal to a recording source, such as when creating online content where messy cables are unsightly and will detract from your product. Plug your microphone into the Gigarex transmitter and the receiver at your recording source. The Gigarex IEM system is a perfect solution, featuring an inconspicuous transmitter and receiver that charges via mini USB, features ten hours of continuous battery life and boasts some handy frequency selection technology.


The Gigarex IEM system is inconspicuous and clean, perfect for having attached to you on stage without it making a scene and ruining the wireless illusion. Both transmitter and receiver are Li-Ion powered, and the batteries are rechargeable via mini USB. The Transmitter and Receiver are very easy to pair and easy to set-up, as they’re designed to be a set-and-forget system so you can focus on performance and trust in the Gigarex IEM. Admittedly, the system is designed to be so simple to set-up that the receiver doesn’t include a volume control, which would be a handy addition. The only issue, however, is that you’ll need to ask your monitor engineer for more or less signal, so c’est la vie.




The system is designed to be trusted, and the 1,000mA Li-ion battery is ready for up to 10 hours of continuous usage, or alternatively 24 hours of standby mode. Both units weigh in at 124g, so they won’t get in the way, and feature a maximum 19ms latency for live broadcast or monitoring. That’s a maximum, i.e. in the worst situations. Conventionally, the receiver unit of wireless systems are bulky, with large antennae emitting from the top of the unit, and bright lights indicating the signal status. The Gigarex system features a receiver as small as the transmitter, so even your monitor engineer won’t be distracted by bulky gear on their console or sound system. Both the Transmitter and Receiver feature Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology to ensure it’s not interfered with by other wireless units close by. What’s more, the Gigarex IEM system allows you to bring your own headphones or earbuds, so it’s a highly customisable system to ensure maximum comfort and minimum interference (in literally every sonic, physical and emotional sense of the word) while performing on stage.


Overall, the Gigarex IEM system is a great option for portable, reliable in-ear monitoring. Gone are the days of hoping for the best when loading into a gig, begging for more or less signal through punished monitors or dated power amplifiers. You’ll have the same signal night after night and really have a chance to hone your craft with focus and precision that different monitors simply can’t offer. The Gigarex IEM system is ready for you, so make sure you’re ready to perform your best.