Audiofly AF180 In Ear Monitors

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Audiofly AF180 In Ear Monitors




Audiofly offers a range of models from their Premium range right up to these suckers, the AF180 In Ear Monitors at the top of the tree. From the brown leather stor- age wallet to the Cordura fabric reinforced cabling, everything points towards a quality product for the discerning individual. Four drivers and a frequency range of 15-25khz are the go here with a decent 1.6m cable length giving you a good lot of cable that (hopefully) won’t get tangled or fall in the way. Three sizes of three various shaped ear bud tips are included which should cover most ears and of course they all fit nicely into the previously mentioned storage wallet. Did I mention the wallet looks super hip?! 




Light and flexible, the AF180s seem strong enough to withstand some handling but feel very comfortable in your ears. The over ear portion of the cable has a flexible plastic-type cover that can be bent and moulded to sit nicely across your ears giving you some extra hold and keeping them out of the way. From there, the Cordura wrap cable feels tough and covered which gives some ex- tra piece of mind over a standard plastic/rubber type cable coating. Cranked through a receiver and you get some clear and de ned sounds with a solid mix across the EQ spectrum. No super heavy bass or piercing tops here and pleasant across a range of settings.




The AF180 IEMs feel good without being super fatiguing. They’re weighted nicely, the bendy type over ear arch is nice when adjusted to suit, and they sound great. Clarity and de nition seem to come to mind and they can handle a range of styles and gigs. Combine that with the fact that headphones/IEMs are often a fashion statement for the music listening public as much as they are a tool of the trade for musos, and they definitely find a market spot for those who want something more than your generic $5 buds. Yes they look cool but most importantly they sound great.