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Last month I took a look at the RocknRoller R6RT Multi-Cart, and this time around I got to jump on, push around and generally abuse his bigger brother, the larger R12RT “all terrain” Multi-Cart. For those of you who hadn’t ever considered something like this, these carts are a really great idea. I know many of us have gone to the hardware store and bought a cheap trolley that can help reduce the amount of trips back and forth to the car. But, these aren’t really designed with musician’s needs on mind and more often than not tend to end up destroyed after a few gigs and ultimately end up getting neglected and rarely used. The RocknRoller Cart is a different story though. It’s ready for the punishment that most musicians will throw at it.


Where the R12RT goes further than the R6RT is the size of what it can carry. With larger wheels, still offering the strength of the solid tires for that ‘go anywhere’ toughness, the R12RT is ready to work through a range of uses. Its ability to be set up in a range of positions means you can use it for just about any application. For carting drum kits, amps, PA systems, guitars or DJ rigs, the R12RT is going to get the job done in the simplest fashion with as little stress on your back as possible.


What I love about this trolley is how much you can load up onto it for a single journey. When I had to unload the car this month with all the review gear I was working on, the first item to come out was the RocknRoller and then everything else was stacked upon that. I had no problem moving all the equipment around. I barely had a chance to test the weight capacity of the R12RT, but it didn’t seem to mind even having me jump up and down on it. The extended wheel base means you can work with a larger load, but it still folds up to the same compact frame for storage in the car boot. All in all, this is the obvious choice when you have large items like PA systems and drum kits that need to be moved around with ease and comfort.


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