Reviewed: Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder

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Reviewed: Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder

With a high-quality 160° wide-angle lens, the Q2n makes it exceptionally easy to shoot slick looking HD video right off the bat. If you choose to shoot in this format, your videos will already be a cut above the rest of your fellow musicians jostling for attention in crowded newsfeeds the world over. There’s also options to shoot in 720p, using industry standard frames-per-second rates that are utilised in film.


Similarly, Zoom’s tried and tested built-in X/Y microphones make it a breeze to capture audio with surprising detail and an expansive stereo spread — making it an exceptional tool for setting up on stage and capturing your band during a live set too.


Under the hood, ten presets will get you up and running; designed to suit multiple room and lighting conditions. There’s options to suit concert settings, low-lit rooms, rehearsal studios, bars and outdoor areas without having to go in and fine tune everything to a pedantic degree every time. And while you could make a case for going out and buying the necessary sound and camera equipment to capture these situations in a more traditional manner, there’s a lot to be said about embracing a tool that’s been designed specifically with musicians in mind.


Simple one-button recording makes it easy to set up and go, while it’s small size makes this a useful tool to keep on hand for whatever live or rehearsal situation you find yourself in. Without a doubt, it beats lugging around a more unwieldy setup. While the tradeoff for portability is a smaller display, it’s still more than manageable to use once you get used to the interface and controls. For those familiar with Zoom’s products already, a lot of the same skillsets apply.


If you’d like to delve a little deeper, external mics can be fitted if you’d like to use your own collection, while a 1/4” stereo output jack means you can listen to mixes with headphones or through the stereo of your choice. In a valuable touch, you can also use the Q2n in ‘audio only’ mode, which is perfect for capturing ideas at home or listening back to rehearsals.


There’s no denying the power of video in today’s music landscape. Consider someone like Tash Sultana, who went on to find a legion of fans after one of her homemade clips went viral. Like anything, you need the talent to start with. But with a tool like the Q2n, you’re one step closer to sharing it with the world. At a very justifiable pricepoint, this is a device well looking into for any working musician trying to break through to a wider audience.