Reviewed: Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS6 Pedalboard Power Supply

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Reviewed: Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS6 Pedalboard Power Supply

Is size really that big of an issue/selling point/marketing slant? A big yes from myself, and many others I think. Guitarists agonise over pedalboard decisions and pour lots of dollars into trying the latest and greatest or rare stompbox. It’s then fitting that they use a high quality power supply that provides the correct power in a clean and noise-free manner, which isn’t always the case. Six outlets are on offer providing switchable options from nine,12 and 18 volts at 100, 200 and 500mA. These are set via the easy-to-access DIP switches and the unit is powered by your typical IEC cable.


While the size in terms of both length and width is smallish, the height of the CS6 is only about 3cms. This gives you options for mounting underneath many boards as well as mounting on your board with the ability for the CS6 to act as a riser. Truetone also include a cardboard template with clear ‘drill here’ markings for those that want to mount the CS6, making it easy to get your pedalboard underway.



Truetone really have hit the mark with their range of power supplies over the last few years and the CS6 is no exception. The options of nine, 12 and 18 volts at anywhere from 100 to 500mA covers a lot of ground and the included converter plugs can hook up a whole lot more if needed. The switching voltage input lets you travel with ease, and of course the CS6’s size and form factor will impress many that have limited pedalboard space and/or specific size requirements.


It’s been said before but I’ll say it again now—if you’ve spent a heap of money on pedals and/or putting a pedalboard together, why would you skimp on powering it with a cruddy power supply? Size, reliability, noise-free—or at least much quieter operation—voltage options for the price of perhaps one or two pedals. It’s really an easy answer—and with a great range of units on offer and plenty of pros and amateurs alike sporting them, you should definitely check out Truetone.