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Maton Case Front.jpg

Conjured in conjunction with world-renowned industrial design firm Cobalt Design, the list of features, improvements and components is so long that I’m certain this thing is just about indestructible. The shell is made of toughened, high-density polyethylene and is the same size across the range of guitars it is built to house. The foam inner is higher density than industry standard to ensure as much buffer between your guitar and the outside world as possible. Three oversized latches are recessed to reduce wear and flush with the edges of the shell for stack-ability and there are countless other nuances listed on the website, all of which corresponding directly to an instance we’ve all encountered where an old case has grossly let us down.


Most importantly, it is balanced and easy to carry. It’s all well and good to put your guitar in it, but the pinnacle of the usability of a guitar case is the experience of lugging it around. In spite of the impressive density and durability of materials, it is light-weight enough that my arm didn’t go numb and the handle is at a slightly higher point on the crest of the hip, so that it balances on its pivot point like no other.


The Maton Case looks like something Batman would house one of his gadgets in, is heavy duty enough to withstand even the most careless cartage and is purpose built to answer every design flaw you could think of. Short of actually hitting it with my car, I’m confident that this is a case worthy of the cream of Maton’s crop of guitars and a trustworthy partner in the battle for safe travel.