Reviewed: Gruv Gear product range

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Reviewed: Gruv Gear product range

FretWrap String Muters

Ever been in the studio tracking leads and had to tie a sock/handkerchief/tea towel around the headstock of your guitar to dampen the strings and get rid of stupid string noise/overtones? Well, those days are gone thanks to Gruv Gear’s FretWraps. They offer a compact and easy to use means of dampening all of those horrible noises without looking like a fool. Not only that, if you’re a guitarist with a penchant for two handed tapping, you simply need to slide the Wrap up the neck to avoid any unwanted open string tones while playing. The FretWraps are offered in four sizes, depending on neck size/width, as well as a plethora of colours ranging from black (boring) to fluoro colours (rad) and leopard print (epic). Talk about a product that I never knew I needed so much until now – an absolute must have for any guitarist or bass player.


Fump Bridge-Side Dampener

Further to the dampening you can achieve with the FretWraps, Gruv Gear have also created the Fump dampener for bass guitarists who want to obtain that old school muted sound of classic funk and jazz players. The Fump is such a cool little tool to have that slides on and off with ease. It’s perfect for players wanting that staccato/percussive sound from their bass.


DuoStrap Neo

Over the years, I have amassed a few really heavy guitars in my arsenal. Whilst these guitars sound great, they’re just way too damn taxing to play live. Continuing on with the “I never knew I needed this” ethos, Gruv Gear have introduced the DuoStrap, a comfortable and ergonomic guitar strap that helps distribute the weight of your guitar evenly to avoid shoulder and back pain. There’s nothing worse than when the shoulder ache sets in at a covers gig after hour two of playing, but thankfully the DuoStrap is perfect for anyone playing for hours on end. The dreams of playing your hefty Les Paul Custom live are now a reality without the fear of putting your back out.


Club Bag Elite

Gruv Gear may have produced the ultimate backpack for the travelling musician with the Club Bag Elite. The bag is solid, robust, light, and very well designed, the triple black colour is classy, and the compartments make it super easy to transport your gear without having to pile it all up in one spot. The Club Bag Elite is not only perfect for musicians; it’s the ideal bag for photographers who may have multiple lenses and accessories to lug around for shoots. If you’re in need of a road worthy pack to carry your gear around in, then look no further.


QUIVR Drum Stick Bag

The thing that has impressed me about all of these products is that they’re nothing new, but Gruv Gear’s takes on them have just a little bit more thought put into them, making them stand out in an oversaturated market. The QUIVR Drum Stick Bag is a prime example of this. On first impression, it’s just another stick bag, which we’ve all seen before. On closer inspection, it’s the most practical and functional stick bag I’ve ever seen. Rather than having two compartments for all of your sticks to get jumbled up in, the QUIVR has six slots for matching your pairs accordingly and three ‘quick draw’ pockets that allow the pairs to stick out the top of the bag, making it easy to reach them without having to fish around in the midst of a gig. The QUIVR is compact, practical and super handy. Nailed it.