Reviewed: Gruv Gear GigBlade Silver

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Reviewed: Gruv Gear GigBlade Silver

I know what you’re thinking: it’s just another gig bag. Well, you’re quite wrong. The majority of bags that I’ve seen and used over the years implement a backpack approach, and the worst part about that is constantly having to duck to avoid the top of your guitar knocking doorways or overhead objects. The GigBlade Sliver implements a side-carry approach, which feels far more natural and eliminates the possibility of damaging your precious headstock.


The Sliver is also half the weight of the original GigBlade, weighing in at only 2.5kg. I’ve seen a number of heavy padded bags over the years, and while they are really sturdy and roadworthy, they also weigh an absolute tonne. The Sliver is incredibly lightweight, but that doesn’t compromise the security of your guitar in the slightest. It’s available for both bass and electric guitar, with the bass model only being slightly longer to accommodate the larger instrument.


I know it’s silly to judge something like a gig bag on its look, but I really love the aesthetic of the GigBlade. The jet black colour scheme with bright orange highlights is striking and has a lot of character, ensuring that you look suave while your instrument stays secure. I definitely had my concerns about such a slim and lightweight bag being able to keep an instrument safe from harm. The bag’s padding isn’t excessive, but certainly enough to withstand any knocks without the contents receiving any damage.


Gruv Gear have done a great job with the GigBlade Sliver. It’s the perfect gig bag for the musician who is constantly jumping around between classes, lessons, rehearsals and shows. It’s crazy that it’s taken this long for a company to come out with a side-carry gig bag, but Gruv Gear have finally delivered with finesse. You’re probably not going to pick one up if you’re touring or flying around for shows, but if you’re constantly on the run around town and don’t want the cumbersome weight and size of a rock solid hard case, then the GigBlade is easily the best option on the market.