Reviewed: Cioks DC8 Pedalboard Power Supply

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Reviewed: Cioks DC8 Pedalboard Power Supply

Described as a medium-sized power supply, the DC8 comes in the typical Cioks tough metal casing that feels like it could withstand almost anything. Both the pedal outlets and the IEC input are recessed, which adds some coverage to the possibility of them being pulled out. The unit also comes with mounting accessories for those looking to fasten it to a pedalboard. Spec-wise there are eight outlets grouped in six isolated sections (pairs 5/6 and 7/8 share the same section). As the name suggests, these outlets are DC power offering two 100ma outlets at 9V, two 100ma outlets that can be run at 9 or 12 volts and the final two sections that can be run at 9 or 12 volts and offer 300ma. The package then comes with a range of Flex cables in various lengths to cover a good cross-section of standard pedal types.


Cioks has added LED indicators to each section so you can monitor performance, and the tweaking of each section’s power options is easily done via the DIP switches on the bottom of the unit. The various options are also clearly marked on the underside of the DC8 meaning you don’t have to drag out the manual to remember what’s what. Furthermore, the mains can be switched from 110V to 230V, allowing you to travel without the worry of needing to swap power supplies internationally or lug step down transformers and the like.


Cioks really seems to make consistently high quality products that are reliable. I’ve used many different brands of power supplies over the years (including some other big name competitors) and haven’t found anything better than this brand. For my purposes, it’s been the quietest and most reliable power supply across a range of gigs, venues and circumstances, with the Flex cables always keeping up and offering plenty of options – even for those random finicky pedals. Most players typically spend lots of $$$ on their pedalboards – why not make a great investment with a quality power supply? Especially when they cost less than some of the favourite (insert latest boutique drive/delay/verb name here) pedals on the market. Go Cioks!