Hercules DG305B Tablet Holder

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Hercules DG305B Tablet Holder



One of the great disadvantages of trying to get a tablet stand is finding the right one to match up with your specific device. As there are more tablets being released every year, all in slightly different sizes, it soon became a bit of a joke trying to find a mount that would suit your specific device. Fortunately Hercules has done away with that issue in the DG305B by implementing two simple points of adjustment to take care of just about any tablet. The top bracket can be easily slid up and down to suit the length of your device and is then locked into place with a nifty little ratchet device. Then, two other arms extend out in a V-shape to attach to the bottom corners of the device. With the ratchet lock on these arms released, you can easily open or close their reach to match the dimensions of you tablet and then secure them in place when you have the right fit. It is a really clever design. It holds in place firmly once set and it is easy to adjust if you need to change to a different sized tablet. You could not ask for more.



Hercules have considered a number of possibilities for use with this unit and have taken that into account in the mounting options. The first and most logical is for mounting the holder on a microphone stand or similar. It is easily and firmly attached to the upright of the stand and can then be adjusted to the appropriate angle to suit the user. But, a second mounting option is available in a suction cup clamp that allows you to attach it to a ‘clean’ benchtop or, if you dare, window or even another tablet if you are mad. This is great for a range of studio options when you may want the tablet to be in a location where a microphone stand is not in use, like at your desk for instance.