Digital Audio Labs Stompblox

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Digital Audio Labs Stompblox



The premise behind Stompblox is a simple one. Instead of building a range of pedalboards in various sizes and made out of various materials, Stompblox has opted to create a simple, small modular design that can be easily be attached to another – like pieces of a puzzle. The player can take however many Stompblox boards they need, and piece them together into a shape that best suits them, their pedals, or the space they have in the rehearsal room. You can take each piece of the puzzle and rearrange it to make all sorts of pedalboard shapes to suit your own needs.



The Stompblox pedalboards are made entirely out of metal and easily attach or detach from one another with simple thumb screws. They feel as though they can take my full weight (of which there is plenty) very well, while remaining anchored. They’re gridded so that cables can easily run beneath them and stay out of the way of wayward feet. They’re also raised, so that you could squeeze your power supply underneath so it doesn’t take up any valuable real estate.



There seems to be such an emphasis on personalisation these days; having the guitar that’s right for you, the overdrive that’s right for you or the amp that’s right for you. I can completely understand that too. Why should the pedalboard be any different? The world is awash with amazing gear, and it’s growing richer in it every day. 


With all those amazing pedals, comes increasingly diverse pedal set ups, and those set ups require a pedalboard that’s fit to handle it. The amazing thing about Stompblox is that it will always be that pedalboard that’s right for you, regardless of your every changing needs. The bags that you get to carry your Stompblox can even be attached to one another to make a bag that’s exactly the shape of the pedalboard you’ve created.


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