Supro Dual-Tone Amplifier

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Supro Dual-Tone Amplifier

Supro Dual Tone.jpg


A 24 watt 1×12 combo the Dual-Tone (as the name suggests) is a two channel amp with tube tremolo. Both channels have just Volume and Tone controls with Speed and Depth knobs for the trem. Interestingly, Channel 1 links both channels together so you can effectively get double the gain and it’s really a matter of tweaking and see what you can come up with. Everything from punchy, clean tones through to jangly rock and grit are on offer. And don’t be fooled by the 24 watt rating. 



There is something about the immediateness of a 1×12 combo that really focusses your sound and the Dual-Tone laps it up. As a strictly clean platform it welcomes both single coils and humbuckers meaning you could do funk gigs, country picking, indie swirl and rock. Open up the Volume control of Channel 1 and then dial in some Channel 2 and you’ve got that splatty breakup that pushes through the mix. A strong mention must be given to the onboard Tremolo too – tasteful and warm it sounds like an old amp (which is a good thing) and can swamp it up or get a little more psychedelic. 



They’ve got a heap of interest all ready for nostalgic types wanting those classic tones from yesteryear but also modern players looking for clean, broken and jangly drive that can work across the board. Super hip in looks they really seem to hit the mark in a world where reissues can often leave you feeling a little underwhelmed. Definitely worth a look!