Strauss Superblues SSB-30 Combo

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Strauss Superblues SSB-30 Combo



Rated at 30 watts, the 6L6 equipped 1×12 combo is quite a manageable package. Relatively light and not overly big in size, the Superblues comes in a range of colours – this particular version is the damn fine looking Surf Green. There’s something about Surf Green for both amps and guitars that I seriously 
dig, and this Strauss number keeps in line with that thinking. Alternatively, you can opt for Navy Blue, Black, Tweed or Violet if the Surf Green isn’t your thing. A single channel amp, the SB-30 features the standard treble, middle and bass with master volume and gain and a ‘fat’ switch. Under the hood we’re talking 12AX7 preamp tubes and 6L6’s for power. Did I mention that this amp was Surf Green in colour? Just had to get that in again!



Going with a strat as a starting point, the SuperBlues reacted well. Clean and bright-ish, you can get some classic blues tones and chirpy second and fourth position sounds. Chords ring out clearly, and pumping the gain control will get you some edge and warmness if you want to get into vintage rock territory. The fat switch adds a thickened type EQ that really adds that front pickup spank and punchy blues licks and riffs. With a tele the SB30 chimes through open string rolls and chromatic lines. Again balancing the volume and gain lets you get into creamy breakup that’ll do Rolling Stones or maybe even early Kings of Leon. I love the inclusion of the reverb tank, the control however gets a little washy at higher settings. Cool for psychedelic surf and madness, but really only useable at lower settings.



It’s cool to see the Strauss name kicking around again, and with a range of amps on offer they’re hitting a few different targets. The Super Blues isn’t 
a 3-channel, super switching boutique amp, but it doesn’t purport to be either. Straight ahead valve tone that works for rock, blues, indie and plenty more at a good price means it should work for many a guitarist looking for a reasonably priced smaller wattage combo. 


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