Reviewed: NUX Mighty 8 BT

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Reviewed: NUX Mighty 8 BT

The MightyBT seems to pack a punch for quite a few different reasons, so let’s start with the first channel, which is designed for the electric guitar. It has a gain control, three different settings (clean, overdrive and distortion), a tone control, level control and a modulation/delay control. Simple and easy so far. The second channel has a mic input, level and reverb – perfect for practising and busking. You can just about the hear the rattle of coins in the guitar case. Finally, the third channel comes with a tap and volume control (more on that later) with a master reverb. On top of that the amp comes with a headphones output (you’re welcome neighbours), an aux input and USB connectivity. Considering that the amp is just smaller and lighter than a six pack, you’re pretty much off to the races.


Now before you run off to your local music store, take a breath because the fun is just beginning. As well as a Bluetooth control the NUX has a free app available on both IOS and Android which kicks up the amp to a whole new level. Let me explain: using the app gives you freedom and flexibility for each channel that is previously unheard of. You can program and store virtually every tone from the first channel using the gain, tone and level control to tailor just about any sound you could wish for. This is where it starts to to get really interesting…. BUILT IN EFFECTS!


The modulation modes available are chorus, phaser, vibrato and tremolo.And not just with speed and depth- the app offers a freedom of controllability of each effect that was unheard of in a small amp and now they come free. The tremolo is particularly impressive, and the other modulation effects are totally usable and quite versatile as well. And it keeps on going – you want reverb? You got it! Four types ! Hall, room, spring and plate. The spring reverb is outstanding, while the Hall, Room and Plate settings can also produce stunning results.



Why stop there? Who doesn’t love echo? Every since the fifties til the present day echo has been an essential part of just about any guitarist’s rig. The NUX offers three types of echo- tape (for the retro rockers out there), analogue for the warmer tone and digital, which is pristine and modern sounding. You’d think that’s be enough…. But nooooo! Not on your Nelly, sunshine!


There’s also a drum machine. Yup, you read that right! A drum machine with totally adjustable tempos and volume levels and musical styles – Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Rock, Funk, R’n’B and Latin. Between the built in drum machine and the Bluetooth function allowing you to play along with your favourite backing tracks or YouTube, as well as all the built in-effects included, the Mighty8BT boasts the potential to be the ultimate practise amp, or even a pretty mean busking amp.


The NUX comes with a power adapter (it can also be powered by batteries) and shoulder strap – they’ve really thought of everything. On top of that, the colour scheme of black tolex and silver grill cloth does give it the look of a certain Californian amp, if you catch my drift. It’s also super affordable – for the cost of a few pedals you get pretty much all you need in a small package. The NUX Mighty 8 BT is easily one of the best new products for beginners I’ve encountered on the market in a long time. Hats right off!