Reviewed: Mooer Hornet Black Guitar Combo

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Reviewed: Mooer Hornet Black Guitar Combo

Practice amps aren’t what they used to be. The ability to cram a lot of features into a small package means you get more than just one or two sounds and some EQ these days. With a 6.5” speaker the Hornet Black has nine amp models such as F Clean, PL 100, Triple and Mogner (try and guess what classic sounds they’re based on). Then add in modulation, delay and reverb effects, the ability to store presets, an onboard tuner and Bluetooth/aux/headphone connectivity and there’s a lot of options for you to explore. The Hornet looks cool with some vintage overtones thanks to the piping and cool-looking grille cloth. Easy to locate, the ‘amp models’ dial is on the top right corner of the front of the amp making for easy dialling and adding a little more retro look to the mix.


Weighing in at under three kilograms, the Hornet is a portable combo that will suit many situations. The modeling aspect gives you access to more than just the one stock tone and the fact that you can save presets means you can put together patches for songs or gigs as you need them. Clean tones are surprisingly good with quite a bit of headroom, and the ‘verb adds some extra body and space. Flick over to dirtier sounds and you can get edgy break up and thicker high gain. Lots of big solo type settings here and the super saturation projects quite well, which should keep plenty of bedroom shredders happy. Utilising the gradual pot effects type setup (that many brands are favouring of late) you don’t get lots of tweaking options, but the effects do seem to react quite gradually from subtle to full on crazy.


A solid home practice item or portable rig for jamming, the Hornet Black has a lot going for it and also comes in very nicely on the $$ front. Easy to use and flexible enough to cover a few styles, it’s another cool addition to the Mooer range.