Mixdown’s Picks: BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition

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Mixdown’s Picks: BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition

This time, we’re getting into what’s now a must-have for any guitarist looking to jam out or record awesome sounding tracks from their bedroom: low-wattage amplifiers.


BluGuitar AMP1

Distributed by: EGM Distribution | Expect to pay: $1,799


Key Features: Using state of the art Nanotube technology, this tiny amplifier is big on sound and features. Employing switchable and adjustable Boost and Reverb controls, three integrated footswitches with a simple-to-use interface so you can plug in and play, this small wonder is a modern boutique tube amp with great performance and tones in an incredibly compact, light and easy-to-transport unit. It easily represents sounds and tones which convey everything from super clean through to smashing hot metal, with switching and routing options allowing you to be very flexible and ultra-creative.


BluGuitar AMP1 uses a dynamic speaker simulation output for recording, which is clean and clear. It also has a headphone output and state of the art vintage amp modelling features. Clean, classic and modern tones are all catered for in this professional yet portable package which handles a big palette of sonic contexts.


The AMP1 features four amazingly detailed and responsive, fully modifiable channels, whose sounds will amaze you on a flashback through the history of guitar amplification. For the new AMP1 Mercury Edition, all four channels were revised making the amp even more versatile, allowing you to dial in your individual tone with greater precision.


Mixdown Says: This amp brings a huge range of classic tube amplifiers vintage tones and smart features, all on hand inside a compact road-ready unit that fits inside your glove compartment or gig bag easily with no tonal compromises. With extremely tight overdrive channels and warm high-gain and classic sounds, this amp also handles heavy crunch sounds with ease. The reverb is soft, clean, and well rounded too, with none of the normal tell-tale artificial peaks. Whether you play jazz, grunge, straight out rock or metal, this marvellous little amp has you covered. A welcome companion to its earlier cousin, the AMP1, this Mercury edition is a step-up of the highest order.


Overall: The AMP1 Mercury Edition packs a lot of punch into a very small package. Huge tones, smart speaker technology, and a new reverberation algorithm complimenting the wide array of sounds and amp models make this a contemporary masterpiece of practise/recording amplification. More and more professional guitar players are using the AMP1 including Jennifer Batten, Kat Dyson, Ian Crichton and more.


For a high-gain alternative to the AMP1 Mercury Edition, we also recommend checking out the BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition. It’s packed with many of the same great features, and is voiced to please even the pickiest of players – check it out here.



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