Magnatone Twilighter 112 Combo

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Magnatone Twilighter 112 Combo



The Twilighter 112 Combo is driven by a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier for 22 watts of clean, robust Class AB tone. There are high and low sensitivity inputs, controls for volume, treble, bass and the tube-driven, four-counterwound- spring, long-pan reverb, and a pitch shifting vibrato section which lets you select between FM (pitch wobble) and AM (volume wobble) modes. The effects are foot switchable too: a two-button footswitch lets you turn the vibrato on and off (although you’ll need to select which mode you wish to use via the switch on the amp) and to toggle the reverb. There’s also a Remote Pedal jack which lets you use an external expression pedal to control the speed of the vibrato, no matter which mode you’ve selected. The combo has a single Magnatone Custom 12” ceramic-magnet speaker (although a Celestion Gold Alnico is optional), and there’s a panel-mounted Remote Speaker jack for connecting a second 8 ohm speaker cabinet for stereo vibrato and tremolo/ pan effects. There’s also a Line Out jack which sends out a speaker-compensated DI signal.



At low volume levels this amp is capable of some really sweet- toned cleans that are great for ambient, indie, country and even jazz applications, but it’s definitely happiest when you put the power section to work. Its natural overdrive is capable of classic vintage rock bark, great for old-school blues, Rolling Stones riffs and early Zeppelin, but also perfectly suitable to modern indie and alternative styles. There’s only limited control over the tone due to the absence of a midrange control but the amp is voiced to have plenty of character, so when you start to push the power amp you’ll get rich harmonics and lots of edge detail, especially if you’re using single coils or P90s. The reverb sounds great but the real superstar is the FM mode of the vibrato circuit, which gives a subtle wavering sheen to your chords and melodies. The speed control can get really slow too, which is great for really subtle ‘choral’ vibrato effects that pair really nicely with the reverb. Imagine a delicate background ‘woosh’ effect that makes it feel like your guitar sound is floating.



This amp is great for anyone who needs rich natural overdrive and complex clean tones without crossing over into full-on distortion. If you like your guitar’s natural voice to be heard through the grit, this amp will retain your instrument’s character. If you want Hendrixy cleans with dimension and body, and some cool old-school effects, this amp will give them to you.