Laney Tony Iommi Signature Amps

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Laney Tony Iommi Signature Amps

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Again utilising the tough recessed corner handles, the TI100 head is a decidedly black amp with cool red glowing internals. Touch black tolex meets a black metal grille complete with Iommi styled ‘cross’ cutouts. A two-channel amp, you get identical independent controls for each of the channels (marked as ‘lead’ and ‘rhythm’). Left to right they consist of pre-boost (switchable in and out), drive, bass, middle, treble, volume, enhance and presence. This signature amp 
is powered by four 6L6 power tubes and eight ECC83 preamp tubes. In the cab department the TI412S quad box comes loaded with Celestion Heritage G12H speakers and is rated 120 watts @ 16 ohms. Starting on the rhythm channel I was able to dial in a super tasty broken tone. Throaty with lots of punch, it handled power chords and single note riffs nicely and can then squish a bit extra with bigger voicings. The presence control can add some extra bite if needed and on the whole there’s plenty of volume to cut through a loud band. Jumping into the lead channel you get exactly what you’d think – lots of gain and big fat EQ. Lead lines love the sustain and lower chords and open string licks chug along beautifully.


TI15 112 COMBO

Want some Tony Iommi sounds but don’t have the budget, room or need for a 100-watt stack? Well maybe the TI15 combo would suit: 15 watts, EL84 tubes, single 12” speaker and a similar control layout (except for a dynamics control in place of ‘enhance’). Obviously there’s lot of focus on the dirty tones here, and whilst it is a single channel amp, you get a broad range of scope from on the edge through to saturation.



A signature stack from one of rock and metal’s classic guitarists should be enough to sell more than a few units. The fact then that it sounds pretty damn good and would suit a host of rock and heavier styled players adds some extra cred. Two channels with independent EQ and levels gives you lots of tone shaping and volume control, and with foot switching capabilities you’re getting a serious rig. If you want a little Iommi at a reduced size and price, the TI15 should quench your thirst as a starting point. 


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