Eden Amplification E-Uke Amplifier Combo

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Eden Amplification E-Uke Amplifier Combo



Ukulele amplifiers tend to embrace a vintage finish – the Fender Mini Twin ’57 and the Danelectro DH-1 both popular models with a retro aesthetic. The E-Uke follows suit with its 1950s style red and crimson two-tone finish and transistor radio-inspired control panel, easy on the eyes. It really does welcome the spotlight. Weighing in at a little over 5kg, it’s compact, sturdy and easily portable for everyday use. With an MP3 line-in and 1⁄4” headphone jack, the multipurpose unit can be used to play a media device, and can be played any time of the day, silently.


20 watts of power is produced by an 8” Eden designed 35W bass loudspeaker – the same one found in their EC8 20w bass combo amp. When used to amplify a ukulele, it has enough juice to find traction in live performances. The clarity on show suggests that it will more than hold its own when played alongside other ukuleles. Up top are three control knobs: volume, EQ sweep and tone. The
 EQ sweep is touted as a ‘enhance’ control, shaping the general sonic parameters of your tone. The tone knob, on the other hand, works to push and pull your lower and higher frequencies. By moving the EQ past 12 o’clock the tonal character becomes brighter and more coloured. The tone knob can then be swung left to re-establish those lower frequencies, or right to accentuate a higher twang. This greater emphasis placed on shaping tone ensures that rich, lush and dynamic ukulele sounds are at your fingertips. While simple to get your head around, it would have been helpful, however, to have more information on the inner workings of the dual tone knobs.


Whether it’s individual practice, playing live in a group or going
 to work in a recording session, 
the E-Uke holds up under the microscope. Unlike many other ukulele amplifiers, it doesn’t fall into the trap of diluting quality with the inclusion of non-essential effects and features. Instead it focuses purely on recreating that golden Eden tone in a ukulele.


For more details on Eden Amplifiers, head to elfa.com.au.