DV Mark Micro 50 Amplifier Head

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DV Mark Micro 50 Amplifier Head



DV Mark has cleverly put together this ultra-compact design to offer a great range of versatility to guitar players of all styles. The DV Micro 50 isn’t going to be type casted into
 any one genre, offering great clean and drive channels as the building blocks for a versatile sound. Although the front panel is laid out in a somewhat unique manner, you soon figure out the signal flow and it begins to make sense. .



In a rather unconventional twist, DV Mark has included some features on this amplifier you wouldn’t normally expect 
to find on a guitar amp head, including a headphone output and an auxiliary input. Both are very handy for rehearsal and recording applications and make a nice touch to this little amp. Plus, in true bass amp inspired fashion, you get a direct output supplied on XLR on the rear of the head too for live and recording applications. Fired up, there is plenty of headroom on this little box. It has the volume needed to stand up on any stage and offers a great range of tones, capable of handling all number of pedals without sounding like you are melting the input section. Sure, the overall richness isn’t quite that which is delivered with a quad of valves pushed to their limits, but it doesn’t require the space these would either. Good things can come in small packages, and deliver plenty of great tone and punch at the same time. An amp that you can carry into a gig with all your other gear at the same time, it is a real little gem. 


For more details on DV Mark products, visit cmcmusic.com.au.