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G5 Infinium WEB.jpg

5 Will Make You Get Down

Class A, 5 watts in a small, lightweight modern looking head shell. The tolex looks classy with that slightly spongy feel and the overall style is decidedly black. The G5 is a two channel amp (clean and overdrive) with the ability to run at 0.1, 1 or 5 watts via the selection switch on the rear of the amp. Bugera have also included an emulated output (with 1×12 or 4×12 settings) and effects loop and lie input on the back panel. Flip to the front and the two channels are augmented with ‘Tone Stack’ controls of Treble, Middle, Bass and Morph (more on this in a tick!) and a global Reverb dial.


Designed to extend the amp’s tube life, the G5 constantly monitors performance, dynamically adjusting when needed, to allow things such as the effects of aging and voltage variances. Each tube has an LED indicator to highlight when a tube needs replacing, and with the on board auto bias you can just swap in newies with ease.



Mighty Morph

Morph is designed to give you a blend from US to UK styled tones, and whilst it’s not exactly like having separate amps of these varieties, it does give you a taste and the ability blend anywhere in between. US has a slick, more pristine clean whilst the UK has some extra middy jangle and edge adding extra tonal possibilities to the general tone stack section of the amp.

Little Big Amp

I really enjoyed playing the G5 and 1 x 12 cab. Open cleans that blend well with the amp’s reverb through to slight overdrive and onto a heavier chug. Bugera’s ‘Tone Stack’ has quite a bit of scope and the ‘Morph’ control then creates an extra angle for both dirty and clean sounds. 5 watts makes it useful for home, recording and small rehearsals and then the attenuator gets you down in wattage even further if you want to push the saturation at lower levels.