BluGuitar AMP1

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BluGuitar AMP1



So many guitarists these days complain about the size of their amplifiers and how they would like a more portable option.
This is where AMP1 is going to change the way a lot of people look at guitar amplification. It is a 100-watt guitar amplifier with a valve driven output stage that fits onto a pedalboard. Yes, you read that right, it will fit on your pedalboard taking up not much more space than your big amp head’s footswitch would have.


It has four separate channels, each with a selection of tone shaping options available on the side panel of the unit, a built in reverb circuit and boost too. Best of all, it does not need to be used with a cabinet, so you can use it direct into a PA or as a recording solution just as easily as you can set it up with a speaker box and fill a stage with its volume.



The clean channel is a great starting point for this amp. It sings sweet and gets a little gritty when you kick in the boost over the top. Best of all, it handles pedals perfectly, so an overdrive in front of this simply compliments the sound and makes it very easy to run this unit in line in your existing pedal setup. All you need is your pedalboard and a single 12” cabinet and you’re set for a gig! Three overdrive channels are also included, offering vintage, classic and modern options, with both the vintage and modern instantly standing out as recognisable tones from well-known amplifiers. Then, each has a little twist with the tone shaping controls on the side panel. I’d spend some time dialing in the tone to get the best results, but once you’re found it, they will probably be set once and left alone.


The AMP1 hinges on flexibility, convenience and functionality. But for guitarists that desire an even greater breadth of sound and versatility, Blug has also developed the REMOTE1. It’s a nine-switch foot pedal that acts as a direct extension of the AMP1, navigating all of its functions, while also offering the ability to store presets in four different banks (each one containing nine presets). This enables you to directly switch between the clean, vintage, classic and modern channels, while also ensuring control of the boost, reverb and FX-loop settings. Add to that the MIDI out – which means it can be used to switch programmes on external MIDI-capable effect devices – and suddenly your sound options are increased tenfold. By simply using a standard jack lead, the REMOTE1 connects to the AMP1 – now a fully programmable amp system. This design is going to change the way a lot of guitar players look at the head and box setups. Still usable as a head on its own with any cabinet, or worked into a pedalboard for a more portable option, the AMP1 delivers like no other. You need to hear it to understand. It isn’t a pedal, it is a 100-watt, four channel guitar amplifier… just squeezed into something that resembles a pedal.


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