Suhr 2015 Collection Grafted Pistachio 24 Fret Classic T

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Suhr 2015 Collection Grafted Pistachio 24 Fret Classic T

Suhr Grafted Pistachio 27227_001 copy.jpg


A combination of raw and rootsy with some modern bling this Classic T really looks sensational. Some not so common woods are on display here, Black Limba with Grafted Pistachio for the body and Black Limba and Ebony for the neck/fingerboard combination. This guitar really needs to be seen in person to do it justice – a mix of grain, colours and highlights  that come together as a classy guitar with rough, almost driftwood type looks (in a good way). Some added zing comes in the form of the Ebony knobs, switch tip, tuner buttons, cavity covers and pickup covers brass ring and dot fretboard inlays and a Maple Leaf logo. Matching the gold hardware the Grafted Pistachio 24 Fret Classic T is topped off with a 24k gold plated raised logo on the headstock – sweet!



Yes this 2015 Collection Classic T looks pretty amazing but it also plays well and sounds great to boot. A slightly wider neck with a skinny flattened D type shape (from my feel) it gives you plenty to hold onto whilst remaining fast. The rounded heel joint is great and lets you run all the way up the neck with ease, taking full advantage of the 24 fret design. Plugged in you get a clean and clear tone thanks to the Suhr SSV and SSH+ humbuckers. Sparkly and bright or more rounded and brown with the tone slightly rolled off. Add some gain and you can chug away on open chords or cut through with licks up in the higher registers. If you want a T that can do T tones plus more you’ll be pleasantly impressed.



Chicken picking, funk, blues, rock, pop, just about anything would suit the 2015 GP T. The guitar is very resonant unplugged and feels comfy weight wise. I was slightly hesitant playing it at first as it looks so damn nice (and carries a significant price tag) but once you jump in it’ll keep you hooked. Suhr guitars are serious instruments so it’s cool to see them release these limited collections. They won’t be for everyone and a lot of people won’t have the budget to even consider them but if you’re looking for Suhr quality in an individual guitar that you won’t just see anywhere you should check out this Grafted Pistachio beauty.