PRS S2 Standard 22

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PRS S2 Standard 22



The S2 Standard 22 is smaller than it’s 24-fret counterpart, measuring in at 22 frets with an all mahogany body and a set neck. The rosewood fretboard and trademark PRS headstock and logo are fierce and menacing – it definitely looks the part. The construction is compact and considerably light. The action follows suit, smooth and sleek.


Built in the PRS Maryland factory, this guitar has been constructed with the same care and attention that we could expect from their higher end Santana Signature or Artist Custom 24. The S2 
has a thin neck profile and an asymmetrical bevel cut that make working your way high up the fretboard an effortless feat. PRS have framed this guitar as “a workhorse guitar for gigging musicians,” which is a fairly accurate description. Quick-fire chord changes and complex voicings are comfortable to play, while there’s nothing standing in the way of elaborate solos.



On board this hard-nosed battle-axe are PRS S2 #7 Treble and S2 #7 Bass coil-splitting pickups. Controlled by a standard 3-way blade pickup switch and
a push/pull tone knob, they are responsible for a rich, full-bodied tone. Highs resonate and chime, while lows are abundantly warm, and the mids subtly tailored for a resounding roundedness. Power chords and bar chords land with impetus, particularly when being played on the neck, and coated in a hi-gain crunch. The sweetness of the all-mahogany body really shines through when playing on the bridge, producing a full-bodied crimson twang that pairs beautifully with some added treble.



The S2 Standard 22 is an all-round player that’s standard, in namesake only. In terms 
of make PRS have produced a guitar that lives up to their high-end manufacturing badge, yet amazingly, is affordable for all types of guitarists. For all intents and purposes this is a working class guitar fit for a king. 


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