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LPS15H3CH1_glam (1) WIDE.jpg

The Standard

I’m sure everyone’s seen or at least heard an LP in action from Led Zeppelin to Joe Bonamassa to Kiss to Guns N’ Roses. It’s typically thick and fat and great for rock and blues. It’s come in many incarnations over the years. This 2015 Standard would have to be one of the fastest necks I’ve played, great for shredders or those preferring lighting low action. Gibson have pushed the fact that these guitars have improved specs in that aspect with lower frets, improved plekking and intonation and their patent applied for brass ‘Zero fret’ rather than a standard nut helping with this silky smooth and low action considerably. If anything the wider neck (with same string spacing) gives you something to hold onto but is offset with the super low action making it easy to play for chords, single note lines, bends and whatever else you’ve got in your trick bag.

Push Pull

Gibson have gone for their own Rhythm and Lead BurstBucker Pro humbuckers with Alnico 5 magnets in this guitar. As standard, these pickups are clear and punchy with lots of room to sweep from rounded vintage sounds to brighter tones. Added capabilities are on board also now thanks to the push/pull pots giving you coil tapping with the volume pots, and phase changing and pure bypass on the tone pots. Never fear, you can still get those classic LP tones, you just also get a bigger range of single coil sounds too.

Les Is More

Bells and whistles aside, I really like this 2015 Standard. The Heritage Cherry Sunburst Candy finish is beautiful and I have to mention the candy cherry back with some serious sparkle in it. Obviously more hidden than the top of the guitar it adds something new and hip that really works and fits with the overall colour scheme. Playing wise, she’s a sleek and fast machine that still feels classic rock. Right there you’ve got a solid LP. Then factor in the new additions (whether you like or use them or not) and it’s a guitar that Gibson have tried to make comfortable and usable in the first place with some added functionality. Go the LP!