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LPD15WRNH1_glam WIDE.jpg

Black Fingernails, Red Wine

This guitar is available in four colours. I’ve caught the Wine Red2015 LP Deluxe for this review and it looks a treat. A glossyand rich colour it also features those darker, black patches with a hint of grain peeking through, maple top, mahogany back and a mahogany neck make for a solid axe. Gibson have employed their weight relief technology (9 holes in this instance) bringing the average weight of each LP Deluxe to around 2.63 kgs. Mini humbuckers are the pickups of choice and no there isn’t a knob missing. Instead Gibson has opted for Volume/Volume/Mastertone and then a switch for splitting the mini buckers into single coils. Take a look behind the headstock and you’ll also see Gibson’s G Force tuner giving you quick access to all sorts of tunings and auto tuning –although you can use just as normal too. The whole package comes in Gibson’s newly redesigned hardcases that come in Gold! Not the type of metal with a boiling point of 1064 degrees, but a funky retro sorta looking Gold hard case that feels built to last. Pick up this Deluxe and you do get that weighty LP feeling, but the weight relief technology definitely does help and I found the guitar to be more than manageable. Yes,the neck is wider, but it’s still a nice rounded feel that lets you get around the guitar and won’t feel overly chunky. No problems smashing out barre chords, upper octave runs or relaxed open chord picking if that’s more your style. Plugged in, the Deluxe really rocks.The mini humbuckers give you fat,clear neck tones and you can then flick to the neck pickup for edgier sounds. Splitting the pickups allows extra tonal variation that can do more single coil-ish tones if you want to get some twangier, funky,country, indie vibes in your tonal palette.


New design features definitely make this 2015 Deluxe a different guitar.The wider neck and 3 controls and coil split setup might take some getting used to but the Wine Red colour looks beautiful and the overall guitar finish seems of a very good standard.