Tycoon Percussion TKCT-29 Crate Cajon

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Tycoon Percussion TKCT-29 Crate Cajon



These 29 Series cajons are made from Siam Oak. The addition of timber slats around the body and the natural grain of the oak gives it the look of an old crate. On top of that, a rough and almost dirty looking stain to the timber really does make this look like a prop from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Still, it is fresh from the Tycoon factory and full of brilliant sounds, ready to be brought to life.



Inside the front panel the snare wire is adjustable with an Allen wrench so you can tune the snare snap to suit your sound. It’s also fitted with a series of bells on the main brace to give a little extra sizzle to the sound brought from the centre of the front panel. Working around the sides of the cajon delivers a more choked tone as the slats running around the body restrict the side panels from moving as freely, so the result is a tighter response and a very sharp transient attack.

Let’s face it; these are not going to be for everyone. The look of the crate cajons is certainly unique and isn’t designed to appeal to a broad market, but when it comes to the sound, these are up there with the best of them. The entire 29 Series of cajons from Tycoon has something a little different to offer sonically when compared to other models. The unique charm of this instrument goes beyond it’s gritty aesthetic.


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