Reviewed: Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit

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Reviewed: Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit

One thing I always had issue with was the size of electronic kits. Being over six feet tall, I always felt like a giant whenever I would sit down to play. One of the key features the Strike provides is more realistic sized pads. The kit includes a 14” snare pad, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” tom pads, 14” crashes and a 16” ride cymbal. These sizes make the kit feel far more ‘real’ whilst still being compact enough to hide in the corner of a room without too much care. For someone my height, it’s ideal to be able to play without feeling tight and boxed in, or giant-like as previously mentioned. The kit’s accompanying rack is incredibly sturdy and adjustable for anyone who might have a larger wingspan. The regular version of the Strike is a five-piece kit, the Strike Pro being a six-piece with an additional cymbal, for those who prefer a larger kit with more options.


The Strike Pro has 110 different preset kits, with anything from standard rock and jazz kits through to EDM and dubstep kits. The presets alone offer a myriad of great options to play around with, but if that wasn’t enough for you, the Strike also comes with a software editor for creating custom kits and instruments depending on your needs. This functionality is great as it really allows you to build your own sound down to the finest detail with ease. The provided preset kits sound great, the sample quality is really high, and the large velocity range per instrument ensures that the kits sound as close to the real thing as you can get. The more wacky and out there kits make for some harmless fun, but they’re not likely to be used for more than that. A kit like this is perfect for educators as it’s a perfect tool for showing young and impressionable players the plethora of sonic options you can get.


Alesis have done incredibly well with the Strike Pro and it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to e-kits. It sounds great, looks great and the software editor is an awesome tool for building your own sound and exploring new territories with your playing. The larger size pads are a welcome feature in the realm of electronic drums, making the kit feel comfortable and making the transition from electronic to acoustic kit way less affronting for those jumping between the two.