Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare

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Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare



Cracking open the box you’re met with a damn cool hammered steel shell with a round ‘Daisy Cutter’ badge. Dark and shiny, it almost looks arty and gives the feeling of something fancy. The tube styled lugs match the hammered finish superbly for a sophisticated, yet tough look. These armory lugs also offer something more than just the cosmetic angle according to Mapex, with a greater tuning accuracy and shell stability. Coming as a 14” x 6.5”, the Daisy Cutter also features a piston strainer and throw off and 2.3mm power hoops. Overall it’s a classy and tough looking snare that gives the impression it’s going to handle quite a bit of bashing.



The Daisy Cutter does have 
a little weight about it,
 but definitely wouldn’t be considered heavy. Starting with a mid-range type tuning, the DC pumped out a nice solid crack with some slight ring and overtones. There’s quite a bit of volume here, so you don’t have to give it much to get heard. Cranking up the tuning you can get into some snappier sounds that could handle rock and funk. Being a louder sounding snare, it’ll also do lower tuned for the old school vibe but being quite dark it’s not super pronounced (which can be a good thing too).



The Daisy Cutter gives you something more than just your typical Steel 14 x 6.5. It offers you plenty of ring if you want it, but also tame it down for more relaxed settings and gigs. Don’t worry about volume – it’s plenty loud! Good for rock, punk and aggressive music styles, but would also work for country and louder gigs where you need to be heard. 


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