Los Cabos Red Hickory Drum Sticks

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Los Cabos Red Hickory Drum Sticks


These red hickory sticks from Los Cabos look reasonable from the outset. They’re cut to common speci_ cations, ranging from .543” through to .629” in diameter and 15.5” to 16.5” in length. They also come with an assortment of tips, just as any other stick would. The strength of the Red Hickory stick isn’t necessarily in its shape or weight, even though they do feel quite sturdy and well balanced in the hand. The real benefit of these is durability, consistency and power. Los Cabos sticks are quickly becoming the _ rst choice for many professional drummers, including Dan McKay (High Tension), Lee Stanton (Thy Art Is Murder) and Dave Haley (Psycroptic). As well as the red hickory sticks, the range also features white hickory and maple sticks, so there will be a stick to suit every drummer.


As red hickory sticks are cut from an area closer to the centre of the tree, they’re a harder unit, capable of delivering more power and withstanding a greater bashing. Essentially, this means a smaller red hickory stick can bring you the added strength and power that would ordinarily come from shifting up to a thicker and longer utensil, which is often not particularly comfortable, especially if you’re moving away from your favourite size. The addition of a red hickory stick to your repertoire will mean that you won’t have to move away from your favoured space, and you’ll stick get that extra power you need.


Then again, there are those drummers out there that don’t necessarily consider the dynamics of their performance with such scrutiny; the kind of drummer that pounds through song after song with the same unbridled aggression. These are the guys that might benefit most from having a red hickory stick as their go to utensil. The sheer durability of the wood makes them an economical choice for intense players, and the added power and weight means they’re going to better compete with the volumes your likely to deal with in the garage, where nothing is mic’d up and everyone is battling it out to be the loudest. If you’re the kind of drummer that’s never had a favourite stick, but has always wanted one, it’s pretty likely that this is it.


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