Reviewed: Ampeg Scrambler

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Reviewed: Ampeg Scrambler


Effect: Bass Overdrive

Expect To Pay: $209

Distributor: Amber Technology



Recommended For:

Players looking for a measured and reliable bass overdrive.



The Scrambler’s vintage stompbox reputation precedes it. Thankfully, this delivers a characteristically wide tonal range for an extremely affordable price. Though this bass-tuned pedal is suited to any electric instrument, there is little point in trying this with a guitar or synthesiser if you have any form of overdrive already.



The simple four dial setup gives you an impressive span of tonal options, and allows easy engagement of that classic Ampeg grime when you balance the knobs. Impressively, when pushing the Scrambler to full drive, the signal remained steady without any desperate need for compression. Its range is workmanlike and you’d be hard pressed to fault its functionality unless you’re trying to elicit any particularly unusual sounds – blending your dry signal is your best bet in that regard.



The sleek black die cast chassis keeps it clean, simple and compact. The chicken head knobs are highly functional and feel sturdy enough, while a simple battery compartment gives you another power option.



Ampeg doesn’t want to reinvent the ball-game with the Scrambler bass overdrive; instead, they’ve tinkered and condensed their classic Scrambler sound into a reliable and affordable package.