Instantly identifiable thanks to Markbass’ black and yellow branding the MB7 is a nifty designed Level Boost and 7 band graphic EQ, both which are independently switchable! Housed in a tough black steel casing the construction is flawless with the two footswitches on top, sliders for the 7 band EQ and Boost Level above and input/output jacks, power supply connection on the front of the pedal. I must also mention the design of the raised edges around the EQ/Boost controls which is enough to deflect those over zealous feet when hitting the switches – keeping your settings intact, clever. You’ll find a 9v battery compartment underneath the pedal or alternatively you can use a power supply of the 9-12 volt DC kind (typical of many pedals).


With the EQ and Boost disengaged the MB7 is in true bypass mode, retaining your signal and tone without any colouring or noise. Hitting the EQ footswitch I was impressed with the responsiveness of the sliders. With controls for 40hz, 80, 250, 400, 1.2k, 2k and 4k Markbass have identified there take on the most favourable EQ shaping frequencies and each slider has +/- 16dB meaning you can go from Lo-Fi to scooped, to top end jangle, low end thud or grindy distortion with ease. And being as subtle or noticeable as you like it really can be a ‘fixer’ type EQ or pronounced effect making if great for getting your individual tone or helping to tame some dodgy backline or sit you in the mix a little better. The idea of a Level Boost is a great one for bass players. Some extra oomph for solos or just to stick out a little more in certain passages. Up to 20dB on tap you can set to your preferred spot and then have the beauty of both switchable EQ and Boost. Oh and in case you have trouble remembering both the EQ and Level sections light up yellow when engaged!


This is the kind of pedal I’d just have in my gig bag at all times. Handy for EQ or volume boosts but also the Swiss army knife type unit when your rig isn’t quite happening. Another great unit from Markbass.