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That’s what’s going on with the BH800. It’s an 800 watt bass head that con­tin­ues the spirit of the BH250, but with a few extra fea­tures that add up to a lot more usabil­ity and func­tion­al­ity. For instance, where the BH250 only had bass, mid­dle and tre­ble tone con­trols, the BH800 has bass, lo-mid, hi-mid and tre­ble. Where the BH250 had a two-position gain switch for opti­mis­ing the input stage for either pas­sive or active pick­ups, the BH800 has a gain knob so you can dial in the per­fect amount of input power. Where the BH250 had a TonePrint con­trol, the BH800 has two, giv­ing you access to a wide range of effects includ­ing Cho­rus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver (a Sub’n’Up octaver, which can give you an octave down or and octave up and can add dirt if you want it), Spec­tra­Comp (the same multi-band com­pres­sor that you’ll find in the Black­smith) and Bass­Drive (designed for tube-like char­ac­ter). The built-in tuner is always on, giv­ing you a clear read-out whether you’re in tune or not, and it’s designed to cater to every­thing up to six-string basses.

Around the back you’ll find a bal­anced XLR out­put with a pre/post EQ switch, a head­phone out, which auto­mat­i­cally mutes the speaker, an aux­il­iary in for rehears­ing with tracks, a USB jack for load­ing TonePrints, a footswitch jack for hook­ing up a Switch 3 pedal and then finally a speaker out (class 2 wiring, 4 ohm min­i­mum load). TC rec­om­mends using any two RS series cab­i­nets (1×12, 2×10, 2×12, or 4×10), any two BC series cab­i­nets (2×10 or 2×12), or the BC410cab­i­net with four 10” speak­ers and a tweeter.


This is an ultra-flexible amp which can do every­thing from soft and gen­tle to loud and rau­cous. Whether you play jazz, funk, R&B, coun­try, blues, rock, punk, metal, it’s all in there. The clean sounds are espe­cially nice, run­ning the gamut from deep, subby rum­bles to punchy, edgy thumps. It seemed equally happy with active or pas­sive pick­ups, although the Bass­Drive TonePrints seemed espe­cially happy with pas­sives espe­cially when really push­ing the gain. The avail­able RH800-specific TonePrints are by Duff McK­a­gan, Nathan East, Richard Bona, Vic­tor Wooten, Roscoe Beck, Janek Gwiz­dale and Hen­rik Linde and they cover every­thing from sub­tle cho­rus to much more ourta­geous tones like Gwizdala’s ‘Fam­ily of Rats’. A lively flanger effect that man­ages to sound space-age and musi­cal at the same time.


If you’re into more organic and dirty sounds, then you might find three or four really great tones in here that you’ll use a lot. If you’re into a mil­lion dif­fer­ent sounds, with a great major­ity of them clean or pep­pered with studio-quality effects, there’s a never-ending stream of them lurk­ing within the BH800. This could either be a great ‘here’s my sound’ amp for set-and-forgetters or an all-in-one tone solu­tion for those who never want to stop find­ing cool sounds.